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Esthetician School in Fayetteville, NC
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Esthetician School in Fayetteville, NC  

Your path to a rewarding career in the beauty industry starts with a comprehensive, immersive education. At Skin Specialists School of Esthetics, our programs are designed to nurture your passion for esthetics and equip you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary to thrive in this exciting and dynamic field!

From day one, you'll be immersed in a world of hands-on learning, where theoretical concepts are brought to life through practical applications. Our state-of-the-art facilities provide the perfect environment for you to hone your craft, mastering techniques in skincare, facials, waxing, and more. Ready to launch your new career? Contact Skin Specialists School of Esthetics to get started!


Why Choose Us?


Our accredited programs are recognized by the Cosmetology State Board of North Carolina, ensuring a quality education that meets industry standards and makes you a marketable professional.


Learn from experienced instructors who are industry professionals committed to your success. Access the latest industry trends, techniques, and technologies under their guidance.

Career Development Support

Benefit from comprehensive career development support, including resume building, career advice, and networking opportunities. We're invested in your success beyond graduation!

Personalized Guidance at Every Step

Your journey at Skin Specialists School of Esthetics is tailored to your needs and aspirations. Our experienced instructors are active professionals in the industry who provide you with personalized instruction and mentorship, ensuring you receive the support and guidance you need to unlock your full potential. We are dedicated to fostering a positive, nurturing learning environment that encourages creativity, collaboration, and confidence.

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